March 2011

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Navigating the LEED for Homes point checklist is a lot easier with the new LEED for Homes Self Scoring Tool. Viewers are able to fill in blanks and work through different sections of the checklist instead of fumbling through workbooks and chicken scratch writing from their design charrettes. It can be complicated what to count and what not to count, if you score points here than you can't score points over here, and so on. With this new system design teams can glide through the process making the whole precess much more enjoyable.   About the Scoring Tool - from The LEED for Homes Scoring Tool is an easy way for anyone to get acquainted with green building and the LEED for Homes rating system. There are two main…
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After 10 million years in the making, The Appraisal Institute finally rolled out it's green courses to train appraisers about how to evaluate green property. Hallelujah! Now if only our Multi Listing Service (MLS) could get more information online before I have grandchildren then we'll actually be able to function efficiently in the green sales community and the developers will be able to get that green price premium that they've heard all about.   To be far, the appraisers have been tossed around, turned upside down, much more than any other real estate related field that I can see so it's not a huge surprise that they're one of the last to come up with green education.     There are 2 new courses called "Introduction to…
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If you haven't heard of Energy Upgrade California then great ready because you're about to get an ear full. The State funded program's goal appears to be to consolidate the task of wrangling together all available rebates/incentives, provide referrals to qualified contractors, help owners put together an improvement game plan, and lastly the program is trying to capture contact information of those who are participating so it can measure how effective the entire investment into Energy Upgrade California has been.

Pretty brilliant and exactly what we need, if you ask me!

All rebates and incentives from the Federal Government, State, Utilities gathered up and updated for you in one nice and convenient place online. No longer will you sift through

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