February 2012

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  Yes, I am excited about products like this! Orange County parking lots are no different than most parking lots of the world. They get really, really hot during the summer. Shade trees do what they can, but I'm excited about new shade structures that capture the sun's energy while they keep me and my car cool. There are a few private installations in Orange County now. Most notably the new Kaiser Permanente parking lot off the 405 fwy in Irvine. In the past it's only been an investment that utility providers have been willing to make around here.     Wishing 360 Commercial Partners and Envision Solar International the best of luck with their new business development partnership!     February, 2012 - Envision…
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"Is it still LEED Certified?", is a question you may hear a lot in the future with existing commercial, industrial buildings and even homes. It's even possible that you could purchase or rent a brand new home that is marketed as LEED Certified, but failed to achieve the certification requirements. Most consumers aren't familiar with LEED, who it was created by, who governs it and who to verify the certification with. What kind of litigation could the owner of a large commercial builidng face when their tenants learn that the building was never or is no longer LEED Certified? LEED language is making it's way into lease contracts as well as other "green" related terms.


Fidelity National Financial Inc has introduced a product named

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