June 2013

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  A new, very forward thinking apartment building is offering some unusual amenities.  Including an outdoor movie theater and a sizeable dog park.  Yes, really...  A super niche audience, but right on the money in my opinion.  It seems like over half the tenants I come in contact with have a dog and who doesn't like watching a movie outside?  Quality of life over size of living space and all the material crap you can cram into it is what many young professionals are seaking out.  Living in a socialable apartment like this makes it easier for workaholics to find the time to make new friends and have a life beyond their career and TV.  Now days your best friend can live 15-20 minutes away, but that's still too far of a drive to hangout on a Tuesday…
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  Shown above is the developed City Place community and vacant lot along Lawson Way and Jeanette Lane that had originally been slatted for a high-rise tower.  When the market turned in 2008/2009 it likely killed this high-rise development, like many other towers in Orange County that were put on hold or changed up completely.     Only a handful of high-rise residential buildings ended up being developed and several landmark buildings like Skyline in Santa Ana and Asotoria in Irvine were converted into apartments due to dreadful sales as a result of the real estate bubble.     Above is a rendering of the City Place Skylofts by Ehrlich Architects     Above and below are renderings of the very…
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