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537 Bernard St B is the newest lease listing to hit the market at 1.7 Ocean.

Approximate Price to be $2,600 Per Month. Should be on the MLS any day now.

Built in 2007 and 2008, 1.7 Ocean is made up of a dozen trend setting homes that have helped reshape what people value in housing. Developed by locally famous Better Shelter. Located in Costa Mesa with a strong surf and skate boarding culture. This new style of elegant housing has caught the attention of many Orange County residents who dread the thought of taking up shelter in yet another soulless track home. Better workmanship, better style, a better quality of life.

Homes at 1.7 Ocean offer premium finish materials and a better quality of living for those willing to sacrifice square footage.

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Affordably priced Live/Work Loft at City Place in Santa Ana just came on the market     125 E City Place Dr - New on the market today and affordably priced at $349,900. This REO/Lender-Owned listed should go pretty quick due to the high demand for and shortage of Live/work and Mixed-Use real estate in Santa Ana and Orange County as a whole. As small business owners continue to do more from home, these unique properties offer just the right amount of workspace for someone who has overgrown their dining room table. The Lofts at City Place is one of the more successful live/work projects with bustling shopping center adjacent to the master planned community.     Contact City Place specialist, Evan Little, for more…
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New listing just came on the market at the popular Depot Walk community in Old Towne Orange.     521 W Maple Ave - This property had been on the market for over a year as a short sale. Like most new developments in California, Depot Walk was stuck with having to offer a few affordable housing units. Quick Tip... Don't ever buy an affordable housing unit! Affordable housing restrictions made it basically impossible for the previous owner to complete a short sale. The owner and listing agent even and to go to the City of Orange's City Council to try and make the short sale work. In the end the property was sold via foreclosure sale. The home is now back on the market being sold by the investor that jumped on the foreclosure sale. It's been…
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If you live in Orange County and have an interest in healthy, eco-friendly living than chances are you've already met Delilah Snell and Christy Funk. Both are pioneers of their own retail stores that sell eco-friendly lifestyle goods, hold workshops and help educate the community. They've created new events, workshops, conferences and influenced many SoCal Residents.     Christy Funk owns and operates Belly Sprout in Fullerton, CA. The store specializes in healthy prenatal care, infant accessories, beauty products, educational workshops and even yoga classes.     Delilah Snell has been, what I've seen, the most prominent voices in Orange County when it comes to healthy, socially conscious and environmentally…
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Mixed Use, Orange County and Amtrak... Not a typical combination here in Orange County, but what an exciting project to hope for! The Laguna Niguel Gateway Specific Plan was formed to responsibly guide attractive and exciting new development opportunities for the approximately 315-acre Gateway area, located along the Interstate 5 Freeway and the 73 Toll Road, in the City of Laguna Niguel. With access to one of VERY few Amtrak Stations to boot, it's a project I'm really hoping succeeds! As a South County Native myself, spending the 1st 23 years of my life in Mission Viejo and Aliso Viejo, I definitely longed for walkable, downtown type communities. Why I know live in and do most of my business in North County.   Existing Satellite View…
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Before getting to the differences between live work and mixed use lofts or condos, first you'll want to understand what defines a loft. Like many real estate descriptive terms, they're often used creatively by the person marketing the product.     Santa Ana Lofts  

What's a Loft?

The simplest form of a loft is like a bonus room of a typical home. The bonus room is a feature within the house opposed to an old re-used industrial New York loft like most people visualize. This bonus room called a loft typically has no closet, must be on an upper level of the home and is not fully enclosed. Most common to see them placed adjacent to the staircase and often used as an office or additional entertainment space. The sexier version of a loft is…
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  Yes, I am excited about products like this! Orange County parking lots are no different than most parking lots of the world. They get really, really hot during the summer. Shade trees do what they can, but I'm excited about new shade structures that capture the sun's energy while they keep me and my car cool. There are a few private installations in Orange County now. Most notably the new Kaiser Permanente parking lot off the 405 fwy in Irvine. In the past it's only been an investment that utility providers have been willing to make around here.     Wishing 360 Commercial Partners and Envision Solar International the best of luck with their new business development partnership!     February, 2012 - Envision…
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"Is it still LEED Certified?", is a question you may hear a lot in the future with existing commercial, industrial buildings and even homes. It's even possible that you could purchase or rent a brand new home that is marketed as LEED Certified, but failed to achieve the certification requirements. Most consumers aren't familiar with LEED, who it was created by, who governs it and who to verify the certification with. What kind of litigation could the owner of a large commercial builidng face when their tenants learn that the building was never or is no longer LEED Certified? LEED language is making it's way into lease contracts as well as other "green" related terms.


Fidelity National Financial Inc has introduced a product named

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Very exciting news for Southern Californians who are interested in green building! Quite possibly the coolest event is coming to the Orange County Great Park in Irvine, CA next year in 2013. Organized by the U.S. Department of Energy, The Solar Decathlon challenges collegiate teams to design, build, and operate solar-powered houses that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and attractive. The winner of the competition is the team that best blends affordability, consumer appeal, and design excellence with optimal energy production and maximum efficiency.


The Orange County Great Park is an awesome venue for hosting the Solar Decathlon competition and exhibition. This is the site of the former Marine Corps Air Station El

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