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"Evan Little, a widely-respected eco-property broker, recently joined Surterre and has been impressed by the company's commitment to the environment. "The reaction to new ideas here has been great," he says. "Everyone is responsive to these new thought processes." Little, the winner of the EverGreen Award from the Nation Association of REALTORS, was impressed with the way Surterre remodeled the Monarch Beach office. "They were limited with what they could do by the physical structure," he says. "But inside they've done a fantastic job at every turn." [Read Full Article]

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GRC APPLAUDS THE 2011 EVERGREEN AWARD WINNERS The votes are in. They're counted. And the winners for the 2011 EverGreen Award have been picked. The Green REsource Council and an independent panel chose four outstanding GRC members to be honored this year. They are Evan Little, Melisa Camp, Bill Costley, and the New York State Association of REALTOR®, Inc.   The EverGreen Award winners exemplify what the GRC is all about. Winners have been dedicated to advancing the green industry, they're committed to education, they stay on top of the latest green research and science, and each day they embrace sustainable practices in their work and life.     Evan Little, REALTOR®, GREEN, LEED GA, has become central to the green…
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Interested in finding out first-hand what it takes to build an incredible green home in Corona del Mar? On Saturday, from 10 a.m. to noon you can take a guided tour of a home still under construction that’s working toward a certification of Platinum Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED), in other words the highest degree in eco-friendly building. A team of designer and builders will be on hand to answer questions about the cutting edge home including builder John Steed of Maverick Home Builders, project manager Laura Sanders of Jeannette Architects in Long Beach, interior designer Rachel Hulan of Path Design, and consultant Evan Little of Permaculture Properties...

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A 3-story house on track to be officially rated as the first green home in Huntington Beach and one of the first in Orange County will have its grand opening on Wednesday, and there’ll be plenty of fanfare, with pols including Mayor Keith Bohr and a rep for the U.S. Green Building Council. The home is 3 blocks from the ocean at 319 21st St. It’s 3,213 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 5 baths. The house was built by Living Green Homes Construction & Development based in Huntington Beach according to guidelines from Build it Green, a statewide non-profit organization in Berkeley. - read full article...

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Unfortunately green homeowners are still very much sore out of luck when it comes to reaping the value of their green homes. This appraisal form could have been put together ages ago and it's disappointing that large banks have not seen green homes, their financing and energy efficient mortgages that help homeowners retrofit existing homes. This form is indeed a small baby step for the real estate sales industry and I do NOT expect to see the type of forward steps that I feel we should be taking. The Appraisal Institute launched a green educational course earlier this yearand I'm thrilled to see that the appraisal community is actively trying to improve the real estate sales industry, but upset by the lack of political and corporate leadership.   …
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Skip to 31 minutes to hear the majority of my time on the air. Had the chance to be interviewed on Ron Siegel's real estate radio show on The Real Estate Radio Network. 1st half an hour is pretty much all Angels and sports talk due to the show being a part of the Angels Baseball Team's radio station, but I do have a good amount of time in the 2nd half of the show.   Real Estate Radio Network Host, Ron Siegel
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Guided Tour and Open House Saturday, October 22nd, from 10am to 12pm
Tour a LEED for Homes registeredcustom home in Newport Beach while it’s still under construction with exposed studs. Builder John Steed of Maverick Home Builders, Project Manager Laura Sanders of Jeannette Architects in Long Beach, Interior Designer Rachel Hulan of Path Design, Consultant Evan Little of Permaculture Properties and other design team members as well as USGBC-OC volunteers will be on hand to answer questions and lead two scheduled tours through this cutting edge home. Targeted certification level is Platinum. Targeted certification level is Platinum. Light refreshments will be served.
10:15am – 1st guided tour begins 11:15am – 2nd guided tour…
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There's not much of it, but there's a growing demographic that are hopeful that more Orange County Cities will start embracing smart, infill growth as soon as possible. Currently, all of the Orange County Cities that I'm aware of have unrealistic density restrictions and ESPECIALLY parking restrictions. I'm hopeful that I see a lot of city staff at BIA-OC's upcoming event shown below!     I've been fortunate to work with developers who have a lot of experience in how a city can evolve into a more walkable city with greater connectivity and prosperity. It's uncomfortable for a city to go from sprawling tract homes and strip centers that require a car to get to any basic service to a walkable, well connected community where someone can live…
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  After 347 long days on the market Westminster's 1st LEED Certified home has been purchased for $529,000. Original list price was $764,218. It's 2,410sq' of living space with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. In Orange County, green homes have struggled to gain any significant market share or be taken seriously by the County's major players in the building world. Other than Olson Homes of Seal Beach & it's rival offshoot, City Ventures, there has only been a handful of small speculative builders that have braved green building in resource devouring Orange County. Currently, there are less than 100 LEED Certified homes in Orange County with the majority of them being done by Olson Homes in tracts of around 30 units or one offs here and there by smaller…
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Fisker of Orange County opened next to the Best Buy off the 5 Freeway at 16163 Lake Forest Drive, Irvine, CA 92618. See map people for exact location, if you're not familiar with the area and visit Fisker of Orange County at www.fiskeroforangecounty.com

Orange County, CA based Fisker Automotive is working towards releasing their hybrid named the Karma seen below on Road & Track

Yeah... I know, it's not a house or anything that relates directly to green building, but I'm REALLY looking forward to the day when electric vehicle ownership introduces some radically different ways of managing the supply and demand of energy in California. With an outdated electrical grid and a Country on the verge of financial collapse. So back to positive

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