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Most likely you've already explored many of the real estate web-sites to find a home to buy, rent or maybe even see what your home is worth.  What's difficult to understand is which web-site is best and why are they better?  Most viewers have no idea what the MLS is or where all of the information comes from, how it gets there, etc.


When a REALTOR® adds a new real estate listing to their local Multi Listing Service (MLS) they have the option to allow 3rd party web-sites like Trulia to import the real estate agent's listing information.  This local MLS is likely own by several different local REALTOR(R) Associations, which is is owned by it's members, Real Estate Agents.  The smaller REALTOR Associations are typically

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Before getting to the differences between live work and mixed use lofts or condos, first you'll want to understand what defines a loft. Like many real estate descriptive terms, they're often used creatively by the person marketing the product.     Santa Ana Lofts  

What's a Loft?

The simplest form of a loft is like a bonus room of a typical home. The bonus room is a feature within the house opposed to an old re-used industrial New York loft like most people visualize. This bonus room called a loft typically has no closet, must be on an upper level of the home and is not fully enclosed. Most common to see them placed adjacent to the staircase and often used as an office or additional entertainment space. The sexier version of a loft is…
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