New Data Available for Select Communities

Posted by Stacey May on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 11:32am.

Are you the type that can't get enough information?

Using the latest in Internet Technology, Orange County Lofts has recently added some additional data to select Featured Communities.  As we input new data and make edits, the embedded sheets will update in real time.

Data included in this dump includes the following:

  • Amount of Units
  • Estimated Average Square Footage
  • Estimated Primary Residents
  • Estimated Rentals
  • Estimated Original Owners
  • FHA Approved
  • VA Approved
  • HOA Litigation
  • Estimate HOA Dues
  • Utilities included in HOA Dues
  • 5 Year Transaction Summary that Includes;
    • Properties Sold
    • Average Square Footage of Sold Properties
    • Average Sales Price
    • Average Price Per Square Foot
    • Sales Turnover Rate
    • Average Square Footage of Rentals Leased
    • Average Rental Price
    • Average Rental Price Per Square Foot
    • Rental Turnover Rate
    • Capitalization Rate
  • Exact Amount of Specific Floor Plan
  • Currently For Sale by Floor Plan
  • Currently For Rent by Floor Plan
  • Average Square Footage of Floor Plan
  • Standard Bedroom Count of Floor Plan
  • Standard Bathroom Count of Floor Plan
  • Standard Shower Count of Floor Plan
  • Garage Capacity
  • Tandem Garage
  • Workspace

Featured Communities that have received this improvement so far are as follows:

Additional data fields and Featured Community pages will be added and improved over time.


Have a suggestion for new data that you're unable to find elsewhere online?  Please let us know by email and we'll try and make it happen.

Enjoy your burrito!

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