As Orange County has continued to cover almost every square inch of itself with concrete and asphalt, the rise of urban dwellings have begun to take hold. Many mid-rise and some high-rise condo communities have sprung up over the last 10 years and will become more common place in years to come. Urban condos are typically located in downtown, public transit orientated hubs that offer regular commercial amenities that are accessible without the need for a car or long commute.

Below are the Active Sales and Rental Listings that Orange County Lofts is aware of and offers service for at this time. Below that, you'll find a select group of communities in Orange County, CA that contain urban condos, should you wish to learn more about each community.


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This can be common with unique types of real estate. Orange County Lofts has meticulously collected floor plans, images, video tours and more so we're able to help you search for the right type of property even when the property you want isn't publicly available.

Once we determine which types of properties you like most, Orange County Lofts will actively draw from its network and contact property owners that are on the fence and thinking about selling to try and arrange an off-market sale. If you're interested, please get started by emailing us today.