Stacey May,

Everybody deserves a home, regardless of their social or economic status. Stacey's mission in work and life is to connect homebuyers to attainable, quality homes throughout Orange County. She's had a passion for service even before becoming an agent. Her professional life started as an executive assistant for several market leaders, including travel giant Expedia, credit monitor Experian, and famed Newport Beach investment management firm Pimco. 

Ask anyone who's been in the trenches in the corporate world, talented executive assistants are the backbone of any organization. Stacey came up in an environment that demands impeccable organizational and multi-tasking skills and the ability to effectively communicate with a wide range of people, from CEOs and hedge fund managers to everyday employees and contractors. After mastering the ability to think and act on her toes, she chose to deploy those same skills on behalf of clients in the residential real estate space. 

If you're looking for a modern property or a mixed use retail/residential space, Stacey can help. She specializes in live/work units in Orange County and can connect you with the loft or townhouse of your dreams. But her scope goes far beyond just live/work properties. In fact, she's a bit of an architecture geek. She is incredibly passionate about architecturally unique homes, including different styles like lofts, modern farmhouse,  contemporary, mid-century modern, and high-rise condos - to name a few. 

While she loves modern architecture, she's also intimately familiar with the more conventional, simpler homes often sought by buyers in Orange County. She will happily help you buy or sell any type of home- whether that's a Pacific Ocean-facing beach house in Newport Beach or a tract home in Anaheim. Stacey and her team eat, sleep, and breathe Orange County real estate. They will leverage their granular understanding of the local market to deliver grin-inducing results for your next home transaction.

When she's not working on behalf of clients, Stacey loves to cook up a storm. You can also find her taking in fine art in one of Southern California's many museums or studying interior design look-books to ensure she's on the bleeding edge of new design trends. She also tries to do good in her community, working with Habitat for Humanity to help create homes for the unhoused.

These qualities, alongside her experience as a gatekeeper for C-suiters and corporate leaders, give her the exceptional ability to meet and exceed both buyers' and sellers' needs. 

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