Stacey May

Orange County Loft Specialist

Orange County Loft Specialist Stacey May

Born and raised in Southern California, Stacey May will bring a deep understanding of her Santa Ana community and an exceptional career as an executive assistant to her new role in the real estate industry. While working at such top companies as Expedia, Experian, and Pimco, Stacey mastered how to constantly be on her toes and thinking about next steps needed for success. She will use those invaluable multi-tasking skills to lead her team while leading you to your dream home or buyer.

Currently living in the heart of downtown Santa Ana’s Artists Village gave her a strong knowledge of city planning, and desire to be in front of upcoming market trends; these are necessary qualities to serve both buyers and sellers’ needs. Add her experience as gatekeeper for high powered executives and Stacey is confident she will produce top dollar for her client.

With an exciting, community-led development plan, Stacey loves seeing how Downtown Santa Ana expands its personality with art galleries, high-end restaurants and boutiques, and still manages to stay true to the heritage which built it. In the fourteen years that Stacey has lived there, she has contributed to Santa Ana’s future by volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. She saw first hand the effects of homelessness and the ramifications for entire families, veterans, and even their pets. No matter your social or economic status, Stacey believes that everyone deserves to have a roof over their head and a place to call "home".

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