December 2009

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Just like she said, Chandra Krout will waste no time spending the $2.28 million dollars the City of Irvine was recently awarded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy to improve the energy efficiency of the City's buildings and municipal infrastructure. Currently, Irvine has four RFP's available to download on the City's web-site here after registering your firm.     To the Libertarians who won't take much comfort in seeing their tax money being spent by the government, you can take some comfort in knowing that each investment made with this money by the City of Irvine will need to continuously fund itself. An example used by Chandra during a local USGBC-OC presentation had to due with…
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I met Evan over four years ago. I was starting my business and googled “orange county green.” He and Casey Cochran of Green Guide Network, were the two and only relevant references. We and about a dozen others would grab a beer at OC Green Drinks events, now at almost 200 attendees. I can say lots great things about my green friend who is also a green real estate agent, but I thought his answers to the questions I posed were exceptional Read full article...

Newport Beach Independent
By Jim Fitzpatrick

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